Parish Cluster

What is a cluster? A cluster is group of parishes joined together to promote collaboration and cooperation among members of the cluster parishes. With each parish retains separate and unique parish identities

Why were they formed? A creative and pro-active plan is needed to address the declining population of ordained religious.

In 2004 the Bishop Reiilly of the Worcester Diocese grouped the 126 parishes of the diocese into 44 clusters. Representatives from each of the parishes have worked together to bring the cluster concept into a reality. They have looked at where resources and services could be shared among the parishes.

Around the year 2004 the Wachusett Cluster was formed consisting of Prince of Peace in Princeton, St. Patrick in Rutland, St. Richard in Sterling and St. Mary in Jefferson.

The Wachusett Cluster Committee meets bi-monthly to plan activities such as Lenten Mission, Cluster Holy Day celebrations, adult education programs and other programs. We have been charged by the Diocese of Worcester to guarantee that the strength and vitality of the Catholic community in the Wachusett region continues to thrive even as we face a decline in priestly vocations.

Contact the pastor if you are considering joining us as we plan and prepare for the future of our parish and our cluster.