Parish Council

The Parish Council is a representative body of parishioners who serve as an advisory body to the pastor.

Parish Council members bring the concerns of parishioners to the Council for consideration and discussion. The Council also meets to discuss issues that the pastor believes are pertinent to the life of the parish community.

The prerequisites of participation in the Council are as follows:

  1. Members must be registered parishioners of St. Patrick’s.
  2. They must be active members who regularly participate in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist.
  3. They must be willing to listen to and represent the concerns and ideas of fellow parishioners.
  4. They must be willing to participate in the regular meetings of the Parish Council for a 2-year term.

Parish Council Members

This is the list of St. Patrick Parish Council representatives. They are your representatives and you may call them about any parish concerns.

Donald Campbell (508) 886-6234

John Fitzgerald (508) 886-4235

Ken Mulry (508) 886-0249

Elaine Munzner (508) 886-4229

Thomas Olson, Chairman (508) 886-2312

Elaine Scannell (508) 459-2738

Dale Snyder (508) 886-6790

Paula Stidsen (508) 886-2206

Dorothy Tsotsis (508) 886-4362

Chris Mulry (508) 886-4984

Jean Urbanowski (508) 886-4984